Q-Files (NSQC Approved)

The Q-files developed by HCSSC are listed below along with their respective download links.

Traditional Hand Embroiderer



NOS, or National Occupational Standard, specifies the quality standard required by a distinct task that is being carried out in doing a job. For example, one of the NOSs for the Acid Cleaner (Metalware) job role is wash metal product with acid. NOSs define the quality and standard of performance, knowledge and understanding while carrying out a specific activity in the workplace. NOSs are the salient features that establish the quality requirements of a job role.


QP, or Qualification Pack, is a set of NOSs that are associated to a specific job role. Every job role in different industry sectors has distinct QP aligned to it. For all the job roles under the different crafts that falls under HCSSC, there are specified QPs aligned to them.

Final Product Maker (Fashion Jewellery)
Stringing/Beading Artisan (Fashion Jewellery)
Quality Checker (Fashion Jewellery)


HCSSC has developed curriculums for the different job roles under various crafts listed for training purposes. The curriculums are designed keeping in mind the various elements of the skill development process pertaining to training – the QPs respective to the job roles, the prerequisites to trainings, the training module, the key learning outcomes, etc.

Paper Mache Art Designer