Governing Body

HCSSC has a Governing Body to administer its functioning and operating. The Governing Body is a group of representatives from a group of organizations. The members of

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Our Goals

The HCSSC mission involves the overall development of skills related to the handicrafts and carpet sector. Ten years from its inception, HCSSC aims at developing NOSs for over

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Our Team

team is small but growing with time. The HCSSC team is hard working and its members are sincerely dedicated to their work. The team is the strength of HCSSC, achieving its goals.

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Get Skilled


NOS, or National Occupational Standard, specifies the quality standard required by a distinct task that is being carried out in doing a job. For example, one of the NOSs for the Acid Cleaner (Metalware) job role is wash metal product with acid. NOSs define the quality and standard of performance, knowledge and understanding while carrying out a specific activity in the workplace.


HCSSC has developed curriculums for the different job roles under various crafts listed as a part of HCSSC. These curriculums for the job roles are design keeping in mind the various elements of the skill development process – the QPs respective to the job roles, the prerequisites to trainings, the training module, the key learning outcomes, etc.

Job Roles

Training partners are integral parts of HCSSC considering their role in the skilling sector. They are meant to take care of the job of providing training to aspiring candidates. The affiliated training partners carry out the training function for HCSSC. Their role is to train candidates as per the standards required for the various training programs. HCSSC offered affiliation to many training partners to meet the training requirements across the country.

In The Words of Trainees

Our Associates